Ovam: Eco Design Award

The mission:

Improve one daily transaction or product that has an impact on the environment

My solution:

The purpose of this design is to reduce the production and use of silver paper. Every day to bring a lunchbox or use an alternative you can save per person 60m silver paper. With the lunch foil you can take any lunch. The film is suitable for hot and cold lunches, pastries, sandwiches, fruit, and other non-liquid food.

There are two original versions created. An artificial version for adults and a cartoon version for children. The foil is square and only one mm thick.

The foil is easy to use by working with a single elastic.
You fold the foil diagonally across and save the corner with the elastic till last.

The elastic can be attached in each corner because of the punched holes. You also can attach several foils to each other.
After use, the foil can be folded inwards and slide into your bag. In the evening it can be washed or put in the dishwasher. Also, at a picnic, the film can be used as a place mat.

Through the use of polypropylene (PP), which is a non-rare plastic with a relatively low environmental indicator, I have a firm product which can both be reheated and frozen.
Another advantage is that it can be produced along with the plastic shopping bags. It only needs a thicker film to be blown.
Just as bread boxes you can use a full school year. The stretcher should probably be replaced occasionally, but before you can use bread initiators.

This idea was submitted by a idepot on BOIP.
More information about the OVAM Ecodesign Award here.